Del Mar Surf Camp Information

For camp information such as camp schedules, our safety policy, and what campers need to bring to camp, click on the drop down menu and select which information you would like to read about. For frequently asked questions, please navigate to the ‘About’ section of the website or scroll to the bottom of any page to view the link (‘FAQs’) on the left side of the screen. Here, there are also other quick links, a contact form, and other information.


Thank you! For any questions you cannot find answers to on this website please feel free to contact us via email or by telephone (760) 436-1514.

√ swimsuit
√ towel (large enough to hold all personal items)
√ wetsuit
√ boogie board
√ face mask (clean and fresh mask each day)
√ flip-flops or water shoes
√ hat or visor
√ sweatshirt
√ water
√ snack
√ lunch (for 12:30pm pick up only – lunch can be purchased from the Poseidon Snack Shack- bring $12 cash or add lunches to the cart-burgers, turkey sandwhiches, pizza, & hot dogs are available with drink choice and chip choice
√ put on sun-screen at home (we reapply at snack time but need all campers to come to camp with sunscreen on)
Optional Supplies:
√ goggles
√ rash-guard (we provide a rash-guard that goes over the wetsuit for camp identification)
√ sunglasses
 Fins for advanced boogie boarding/body surfing
*Please place your last name on all items*

Arrive / parent’s must sign their children in

Safety review

Camp activities (surfing, boogie boarding, sand games, etc.)


Sandpipers learn about sealife

More camp activities

Pick up time or lunch for those staying later 

Our Aqua-Adventures coaches take safety very seriously. One component of our camps and lessons is to stress and teach how to avoid accidents in and out of the water. Knowing about riptides, sea life, and awareness of your surroundings are ways to avoid mishaps. Our instructors are all CPR certified and are experienced swimmers and surfers. At our 15th Street location, we just a few yards away from the main Lifeguard Station in case there are any safety challenges. Lifeguards are always available for help in an emergency.

1. Each counselor has a team of four campers that becomes their own “family.” (4:1 ratio)

2. Counselors are with campers at all times, even escorting them to the restrooms.

3. Initial surfing is 1:1 ratio for all beginning surfers until they advance.

4. All surfing is taught on safe, soft foam boards.

5. Campers are in front of the lifeguard tower while in the water.

6. Campers are in shallow water at all times, except for advanced surfers who head out past the whitewater accompanied by a surf instructor.

7. Our staff is CPR/First Aid Certified.

8. There is an adult supervisor on location at all times.

9. Counselors/coaches help kids apply sunscreen at snack and lunchtime.