Photo by Toby Ogden

Q+A With Camp Counselor Shelby Wright

Meet Shelby Wright of Aqua Adventures!

Aqua Adventures: How did you get involved with Aqua Adventures?

Shelby Wright: I have known Peg since I was very little. My mom actually took one of her parenting classes when I was really young and her daughter Mary and I became fast friends. It was really great to be able to work with people I knew so well and loved!! It definitely made camp feel like family!

Aqua Adventures: What are a few of your favorite memories from camp over the years?

SW: A few of my favorite memories from camp have been hanging out with the kids that stay late after camp has ended. It’s always so fun because we stay in the ocean the whole time and boogie board together or go for a swim! Another one of my favorite memories is when we could see how many push-ups Zach could do with a kid on his back! Whatever we’re doing everyone is always smiling and having a great time!

Aqua Adventures: What do you love about being a camp counselor for Aqua Adventures specifically?

SW: What I love most about being a counselor for Aqua Adventures is that everyone is so positive and can’t wait to get in the water. It has been such a rewarding experience watching the kids grow and learn more and more throughout the weeks. The kids always impress me with how fast they learn to surf! When they stand up on the board they always have a giant smile on their face and it means so much to me when they thank me for helping them accomplish it!

Aqua Adventures: What do you think is one of the most important lessons taught at these camps?

SW: I think the most important lessons taught at Aqua Adventures is that there is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it! Some kids always struggle more than others to learn boogie boarding and/or surfing but learning to persevere and to not give up helps them to achieve so many things at camp. That’s when camp becomes the most rewarding experience for us as counselors and for the kids. Another very important lesson is ocean safety and awareness. We want the kids to have a blast, but we also want them to be safe so they can love the ocean just as much as we do!

Aqua Adventures: Personally, what do you love about the ocean and Del Mar beach?

SW: I love the ocean because being in the water makes me happy and content and when I’m in the ocean I look at the shore and see the world from different perspectives. It makes me realize how big the world is and how much there is to explore. I also love to float on my back and just watch the sky or the rolling waves. It’s a place of peace for me and learning to surf and do ocean activities just makes it that much more enjoyable and fun! Specifically, I love Del Mar beach because of the soft, warm sand and beautiful views with the blue ocean, bluffs, and palm trees. Also, people really make an effort to take care of our beach and that also means a lot to me.

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