Ocean Strong Surf Camps

“The Aqua Adventures Beach Camp was the highlight of our kids summer.  Sending three kids into the ocean with people you barely know is a step of faith.  We are pleased to report that they all had an amazing time learning water skills and safety in a fun way.  By the end of the week each one stood up on a surfboard for the first time!  The counselors were attentive and well trained and we really enjoyed working with Peg and her staff.”

-Trevor and Darcy Berge, Aviara Oaks, March, 2013

This is the best camp I have ever been to.  This will be my fourth year. The counselors are great and they teach you how to surf and boogie board.  You can do lots of different things on the beach.  I got up on a surfboard on the first day because counselors are so good!  I also like the scavenger hunts, sand castle making and sand crab catching.

–Asher Weathers,  9 years old, Florida

I have a hard time finding activities that my eleven year-old son and my eight year-old daughter can both enjoy. Aqua Adventures Beach Camp was perfect for them both. Even though they gravitated towards different activities, they always came home exhausted and smiling. The first day, not knowing anybody was a little nerve-wracking, but they immediately made friends thanks to the help of the wonderful counselors. My son was happy that there were male counselors whom he could look up to as fellow waterman, and my daughter really hit it off with a female counselor, equally adept in the water. This really was the perfect camp for them and we look forward to it again this year!

– Destiny Irons, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, 2012

Surf Lessons

Just wanted to let you know that the surf lesson with Dane went great. He’s a great instructor and it was exactly what I was looking for. I was wondering if there’s any way I could include a $20 tip for him…

– John L. G., San Diego, 45 years old, August, 2012

Swim Lessons

“We did not have much success with the group swim lessons that my daughter and son had taken for the past two seasons. Their progress was really slow. We were so happy with how quickly our kids came up to speed with you all and the convenience of the lessons at our community pool.”

– Celeste M., Cardiff, 2012

“My daughter, 9 years old,  took swimming lessons with Miss Peg the past three summers.  Peg is patient, kind and totally set my daughter at ease.  Further, she taught her important water safety rules.  In no time at all she was swimming and now she loves the water.  Plus I feel reassured that she now knows some important water safety rules.”

– Barb Billamoria, 2011

“My two kids took swim lessons through Aqua-Adventures to improve their stroke and gain strength in the water. My son (11 years old) wanted to learn several new strokes and techniques in order to try out for water polo with the older kids, and my daughter just couldn’t learn a basic crawl stroke no matter how hard we tried. After two months of lessons, my son not only got onto the team, but was one of the fastest swimmers! My daughter learned a beautiful crawl stroke and is excited about trying out for junior lifeguards this year. On top of all that, they absolutely loved lessons and looked forward to them every week.”

 –Destiny Irons, Cardiff Elementary, 2012