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"surf camp pics from Del Mar at Aqua Adventures"


SurfLesson"surf camp august 14th, 2014 with aqua adventures"

"surf camp august 21st, 2014 with aqua adventures""surf camp pics from Del Mar at Aqua Adventures""surf camp pics from Del Mar at Aqua Adventures"

Newbie Surfers and advanced surfers have cherished their surf lesson experience with Aqua-Adventures Ocean Strong at 15th Street Del Mar, Encinitas, and Cardiff Beaches.  Whether you are local or from out-of-town, aged five or fifty, are a first time or experienced surfer, our individual and family surf lessons offer an extraordinary way to experience the unique coastal Southern California lifestyle.

Whether your goal is to begin your surf career on solid footing, or just to say you “tried it,” Aqua-Adventures’ instructors can guarantee an exhilarating, safe, and successful surf experience. First-time surfing is much safer and easier with the support of a professional instructor. At Aqua-Adventures, we pride ourselves in getting you up on the surfboard quickly so you too can experience the epic, joy of surfing.


Year Round 


Year Round Surf Lessons
One on 1: 1.5 hours
$70/person [wp_cart_button name="SurfLesson1" price="70"]
One on 2-3: 1.5 hours
$60/person [wp_cart_button name="SurfLesson2" price="60"]
One on 4+: 1.5 hours
$50/person [wp_cart_button name="SurfLesson3" price="50"]
One on 1: 2 hours
$90/person [wp_cart_button name="SurfLesson4" price="90"]
One on 2-3: 2 hours
$80/person [wp_cart_button name="SurfLesson5" price="80"]
One on 4+: 1.5 hours
$70/person [wp_cart_button name="SurfLesson6" price="70"]

Includes wetsuits and soft boards. Photography option available. (Inquire about details)


Surf Clinics (Ages 5-19)- The cost effective alternative

One instructor for up to four students. Please bring your own wetsuit. (Wetsuits may be available for $10 rental-inquire)

Locations: 15th Street & 26th St, Del Mar and Encinitas, and Cardiff

Dates: June 15th to September 15th

Times & Cost:

2 Hours 2:30-4:30 Weekdays.  $65 per person on weekdays

1.5 Hours Saturday & Sunday 10am – 11:30pm.   $50 per person on weekends

Each student will have their own board if they are old enough & strong enough to handle their own board)

Week Day Surf Clinic: 2:30-4:30

$65 [wp_cart_button name="WeekDay Surf Clinic" price="65"]

Weekend Surf Clinic: 10-11:30

$50 [wp_cart_button name="Weekend Surf Clinic" price="50"]

To register: Scroll down for registration form (Pay online through our shopping cart)

Contact Information

Adult Name*:





1st Participant



Swim Level*:

Surf Experience:

2nd Participant



Swim Level:

Surf Experience:

3rd Participant



Swim Level:

Surf Experience:

Please list other names and ages for a party:


Please list preferred or agreed upon Time/Date For Lessons or party:




Is there any information that would be helpful for us to know?

If you require wetsuits, please include gender, heights, and weights:

Please read and acknowledge the following by checking the check box.
The form will not submit without this acknowledgement.

Lessons canceled after registration will not be refunded but may be rescheduled for an additional $20 fee. Parties cancelled will not be refunded the deposit. Any party or lesson cancelled due to inclement weather, will be rescheduled with no fee.

I agree to sign or have other guardians sign the liability form before the lesson or party on site or before the lesson or party.

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