Aqua-Adventures SANDPIPERS (5-9 years)

The sandpiper is that small, energetic bird that you can see at the beach running in the shallow water and hopping energetically along the sand. Just like some younger kids who love the beach but are still a little overwhelmed by deeper water, the sandpiper enjoys being wet, but isn’t likely to head out into the waves.

If your little sandpipers (aged 5 to 9) aren’t quite ready for surfing but still love being near the water and in the shallows, and want to become ocean stronger, this is the camp for them. They will improve their body board skills, learning about marine life, and practice team building through sand structures building and play as well.

Aqua-Adventures SANDPIPERS

is the perfect choice for beach newbies who want to become more acclimated to the beach and water. They will learn, in an engaging and fun way, all about the ocean in order to play and stay safe: tides, waves, currents, marine creatures and marine life, the importance of sun protection and beach/water good manners. Through non-competitive games and activities they will strengthen their basic athletic and shallow water skills, experience team-building, and make new friends, all with our philosophy of Empowered Learning in mind. (Refer to “about us” for our teaching philosophy.)