Beach & Surf Camps

Ages: 6-14 years old

Aqua-Adventures offers San Diego surf programs & ocean programs that are great for beginners to experience the ocean, develop or strengthen surf skills in the whitewater and face waves, build on body boarding skills, strengthen swim skills, and socialize with friends. Our coaches make it fun for your child to learn about surfing and become stronger in the ocean in a non-competitive environment. Our campers are in small groups with an average of one trained, caring coach to 3-4 campers.

This co-ed camp involves surfing and body boarding. Campers choose activities based upon personal preference, weather and water conditions. During this camp, campers will be taught and supported in getting to a more proficient level of surfing skills regardless if they are beginner surfer or more advanced.  Whether they are boogie boarding or surfing,  they become stronger, more capable ocean athletes. Body boarding skills prepare and strengthen kids for progression to surfing through paddling practice, water-flow experience, wave timing, board balance, and rules of ocean etiquette.

Initially, we teach surfing skills with a one-instructor-to-one-student ratio for the first time students in the beginning. Once your child has progressed and feels confident, they are allowed to surf with a ratio of 3-4 campers to one coach. At this stage, they are becoming more independent as they learn and strengthen their paddling, turning, duck diving, and pop-up skills. Our San Diego Surf Camps and Del Mar Surf Camps are highly regarded among locals and tourists alike.


 BEACH & SURF CAMP offers the full range of camp activities:

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Ocean awareness and safety

  • 3-4 campers per coach
  • Surf etiquette/environmental awareness 
  • One-on-one surf lessons (in the beginning)
  • One-on-3 or 4 surfing as they advance
  • Body boarding
  • Stimulating fitness oriented beach & ball games, sand-structure building
  • Award winning San Diego Surf and Del Mar Camps