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    Surf History

    THE HISTORY BEHIND SURFING Wikipedia states, “The art of surfing, known as heʻe ʻana (heʻe means to surf, and ʻana is the nominilizing particle) in the Hawaiian language, was first discovered by Joseph Banks on the HMS Endeavour during the first voyage of James Cook, during the ship’s stay in Tahiti.” The oldest type of “wave…

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    Q+A With Camp Counselor and Supervisor Mary Windisch

    Meet Mary Windisch of Aqua Adventures! Aqua Adventures: How did you get involved with Aqua Adventures? Mary Windisch: I got involved with Aqua Adventures because I have been attending camp since I was four years old from there I became a counselor in training, a counselor, and finally a co-supervisor. Aqua Adventures: What are a…

  • Q+A With Camp Counselor Shelby Wright

    Meet Shelby Wright of Aqua Adventures! Aqua Adventures: How did you get involved with Aqua Adventures? Shelby Wright: I have known Peg since I was very little. My mom actually took one of her parenting classes when I was really young and her daughter Mary and I became fast friends. It was really great to…

  • A Brief History of Surfing

    The sport of surfing is an ancient one. Known as he’enalu in the Hawaiian, the first known written account of surfing is from the sixteenth century and describes the Polynesian practice. In this culture, the chief of the community was the most skilled wave rider with the best board crafted from the best tree. To…

  • A History of Del Mar

    Del Mar, which is Spanish for “of the sea” or “by the sea,” has a fascinating history. Back in 1885, a man named Colonel Jacob Taylor purchased 338 acres with a plan of building a seaside resort. By 1910, Del Mar had become a beloved seaside retreat for stars of Old Hollywood. Later on, during…

  • The Wedge Gets Big!

    A recent storm near New Zealand triggered a high-surf advisory Monday as a formidable band of waves arrived on Southern California’s coast, the National Weather Service said. Before reaching the state, the storm churned up powerful swells and potent riptides since Thursday, pulling swimmers into — and under — the water from Chile to Mexico.…

  • 5 Kid-friendly beaches in San Diego

    These five kid-friendly beaches in San Diego offer convenient restrooms, plenty of activities and options, the safety of lifeguards and much more. Coronado Beach, Coronado Coronado beach is located behind the world famous Hotel Del Coronado and near the prestigious neighborhood of downtown Coronado. While in Coronado, enjoy spectacular views of the city, airplanes in the distance…

  • Our First Blog Post!

    We are so excited to announce that we will be starting a blog! Come here to find information on our events and other events in our community. We will be sharing links to surf websites, forecasts, and other information.

    Don’t forget to sign up for camp this summer!



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