“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” ~ Walt Streightiff

Children learn about life, themselves and relationships through play so all of our programs are play-based.  All of our programs weave in Empowered Learning, whereby  kids are given age-appropriate choices. These choices  teach them responsibility, natural consequences, and respect for themselves and others. We Are Coaches believes in safety above all—physical and emotional—and with that as the framework for their programs creates a nurturing environment geared toward meaningful, learning-based fun.

Our love for the nature, outdoors and the ocean translates through our programs. We offer children beach camps, surf lessons, swim lessons, and geo-caching, and hiking excursions in a safe environment. During the surf and swim programs, they develop an appreciation for marine nature while gaining confidence in the water.  In our geo-cache & hiking programs, kids blend technology and exploration to foster teamwork and stewardship.

We Are Coaches also believes in social responsibility—that kids really can make a difference. Through Kids M-Power, art mentors collaborate with students to create various forms of art, exposing them to valuable artisan skills. Our marketing mentors partner with the kids to market and sell their creations in order to benefit children’s charities that inspire them.