About the Coaches/Mentors


All teachers, mentors, and coaches at We Are Coaches, Inc. are carefully screened and  trained in safety, CPR, and Empowered Learning, which includes:


  • Offering  developmentally appropriate choices
  • Engaging children in mentally, physically, and emotionally stimulating activities based on their interests
  • Mentoring children so they can learn to problem solve and work out their differences on their own
  • Guiding them into making healthy connections with others and our outdoor environment



Peg Windisch – Camp Manager

Peg  founded the Aqua-Adventures camps back in 1998 at 15th St./Del Mar-one of the first beach camps in Del Mar.  As a credentialed teacher, her focus is character-building and recreation oriented programs for kids.  She had been teaching enrichment programs through Del Mar, Encinitas, Cardiff, and Carlsbad school districts for several years before embarking on the ocean/beach venue. Her love of long distance ocean swimming, nature, and the ocean peaked her desire to support children in becoming ocean strong in an exciting and social environment.  Since then, she expanded her passions to include teaching swim and surf lessons not only to kids but adults as well. Now after seventeen years, she has supported several hundred students to swim, surf, and become strong and safe in pools and the ocean.  She has also supervised and trained nearly a hundred camp counselors and supervisors to share their ocean passion.


Misty J. – Senior Supervisor/Surf Coach

Misty has been supervising Aqua-Adventures Camps for seven years. As a credentialed teacher who has taught though various North County school for the past eight years, Misty’s true loves are  surfing and kids. Her decades of surf experience and adoration for all age children make her a perfect fit for Aqua-Adventures Ocean Strong programs.


Mary W. – Co-Supervisor/Surf Coach

Mary has been attending this camp since she was only four years old! She then became a counselor-in-training, counselor, and finally a co-supervisor. She is CPR certified and great with children. “I have worked with hundreds of children due to being a nanny, child photographer, and working at this camp! I believe I will be working with children for the rest of my life. It’s truly a passion of mine,” Mary says enthusiastically. She loves the natural experiences the ocean provides to its explorers. Mary’s goals as a supervisor are to make sure all of the attending campers are having fun, learning, and being safe.


Zachary S. – Junior Supervisor/Surf Coach

Zach’s love for the ocean began at an early age with summers at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. As an Aqua-Adventure Counselor and Supervisor for his third year, he enjoys sharing his love of the ocean and surfing with the kids.  Their success in the water is his goal as a supervisor and counselor. “It’s an awesome feeling to see my surfers ride their first wave,” says Zach.  His ROP surf lifesaving experience has helped him convey the importance of safety in the ocean. He looks forward to graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus in entrepreneurship next year.  In his free time you can catch him riding the waves at Pacific beach, Pipes and Del Mar.  While at CSUMB, he logs  his time in the water at 38th Avenue in Santa Cruz.


Alvaro B. – Senior Counselor/Surf Coach

Alvaro joined Aqua Adventures Surf Camp driven by his love for the ocean and surfing. Originally, from Madrid, Alvaro grew up surfing in the northern coast of Spain and working during the summer as a lifeguard. Since 2008, Alvaro has worked winters as a certified European Snowboard Instructor, giving private and group lessons to children ages 4-17 years old, ensuring that children both learn technique while enjoying themselves. Alvaro is thrilled to join us this summer in California to apply his surf and ocean knowledge and his experience working with children.


Carter M – Senior Coach/Surf Instructor 

Carter has been an active surfer for five years and a surf photographer for three years. He spends most of his time at the beach capturing surfers’ moments, surfing himself, or teaching others to surf. He is CPR certified and confident in the water. “Nothing is more rewarding than seeing our students surf for their first time. You can truly see the amount of joy on their faces. It brings back memories of my first wave and how excited I was. Being a camp counselor for Aqua Adventures is fun and rewarding,” Carter says with a smile. Carter is outgoing, adventurous, and always lending a helping hand when he can. His favorite beach to teach surf lessons at is 15th Street in Del Mar because of the friendly environment, good learning waves, and amazing lifeguard supervision.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]