About Us

shellWe Are Coaches, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed above all, to emotionally and physically healthy kids and families. Our vision is to help families manifest the team of their dreams.

Through our numerous after-school programs, camps, and lessons, our primary goal is to help children build self-reliance. We believe that this skill fosters confidence, while allowing children to have fun and gain new skills, which we call Empowered Learning.

Our organization offers more than just after-school programs, lessons or camps – we create a comfortable, enriching environment for your kids to feel confident in their ability to take care of themselves and others, to discover the world, and to form positive, lasting relationships with their peers and adult mentors. But, we also believe that education isn’t just for the kids.

Through coaching both parents and caregivers, either via one­-on-one sessions or through seminars, we aim to help families foster a positive, secure home environment built on mutual respect and teamwork.